Dental Medical Billing Services

Dental health is an integral part of fundamental human rights and general health. One of the common problems affecting dentistry practices is having an efficient and practical billing system. Even where all the other internal processes might run efficiently, dealing with insurance and pushing for timely payments might take up so much time and energy. That said, having a reputable, reliable, and professional financial partner will leave you enough time to focus on your patients and provide excellent services.

Sure, a medical billing system for dental practices offers significant benefits to patients, such as reduced cost of treatment. It also goes a long way when it comes to preserving your client’s annual insurance benefits. Even so, it is crucial that the dental office has all the right knowledge, skills, and reliable system set in place to file, handle medical claims.

Please note that hiring medical billing experts does not mean doing away with your team. Instead, consider it an extra help and addition to your team. The professionals will handle all the complex and time-consuming insurance processes allowing your in-house team to focus on the patient’s well-being and experience. This includes running the financial arrangement for your patients and the office at large, analyzing each case, helping you outshine peers, and enhancing your treatment acceptance.

Other reasons you should consider integrating medical billing into dental practice include:

  • To enhance your patient’s health
  • To increase your patient’s general revenue
  • To maintain a steady
  • To bring more patients your way

So, What Procedures can a Dentist Bill for Medical Insurance?

If your dentist is yet to start billing medical insurance, you block your patients from enjoying higher reimbursements through temporary insurance plans. Usually, medical insurance will compensate for all the daily dental procedures you perform, particularly those considered medically significant. Most dental policies require that dental offices bill their surgical procedures and related services to medical first and then dental insurance. Of course, the services provided at the dental office must conform to the Dental Practice Act.

Here are some of the common dental procedures medical insurance might cater for:

  • Emergency trauma procedures
  • Infection and inflammation-related treatment
  • Extraction of several teeth all at once
  • Teeth repair procedures after an accident
  • Pathology issues involving hard and soft tissues
  • Wisdom teeth extraction under specified conditions
  • Specified periodontal surgery procedures
  • Procedures for correcting dysfunction
  • Infection extending beyond the tooth apex that cannot be treated by entry via the tooth
  • Consultation for oral lesions and excisional biopsy
  • Appliances for sleep apnea and mandibular repositioning
  • Consultation and treatment services for temporomandibular joint issues
  • Congenital defects

The actual medical and dental benefits are decided by the plan sponsor and the insurance company. Usually, the plan sponsor is an employer acquiring the coverage for their employees. The majority of plan sponsors want certain oral procedure payments done through their medical benefit plan. Medical plan coverage ensures accessibility to dental healthcare without depleting the dental plan’s annual maximum in a single surgical appointment.

What About Timing?

Dental experts recommend that adults visit their dentists every twice a year. While the dental benefits plans might support this, the wordings tend to vary. For instance, your policy might cater for a preventive visit once in six months or two times per calendar year. There might be time limits on such services as X-rays, same tooth crowning and bridges, same tooth fillings, and fluoride treatment services for children. The idea here is to research, learn and understand how your dental plan policies work. Call the insurance company and engage the service if you still have questions and issues you need them to address before committing fully.

Dental Coding

Here is another major area of concern in dental offices. Using an accurate dental code is an essential yet complex and confusing part of a dental procedure. Medical billing codes for dental practices and procedures use Current Dental Terminology (CDT) run and organized by the American Dental Association (ADA). CDT has all the dental service codes needed to code individual practices before submitting them to a particular dental insurance plan. It is required that a patient must have dental insurance to allocate a dental assurance code from the CDT on their case. Without dental insurance, their coverage might not cater to the services offered. Unfortunately, most patients expect that their medical insurance will support their dental services and procedures as well.

Note that you can also change your CDT dental procedure into CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) medical procedure. This is because while some insurance will accept CDT codes to be used, others might only accept CPT codes for specific services and procedures. Suffice to say, correct dental coding will ensure accurate compensations from insurance plans.

With that said, here are the best medical billing and coding companies that specialize in helping dental practices like yours.

The 15 Best Dental Medical Billing Companies

eAssist Dental Solutions

eAssist Dental Solutions provides superior health billing solutions for dentists to help them boost their collections and revenue cycles. With the company’s billing system, dental professionals can increase their income by efficiently closing compensation fees with health insurers for timely and adequate payments.

With eAssist Dental Solutions, you enjoy single-day services, from claim submissions to recording patients’ ledgers. The company’s team of professional accountants will also track overdue claims to ensure no payment slips you. When you choose eAssist, you choose growth.


OneMedAll is a leading medical billing company that offers growth-oriented billing solutions and other services to improve your practice. With over 20 years in the dental management sector, OneMedAll can help you improve your revenue cycle management strategies by revamping your claims collection systems. With a team of veteran dentists and accountants who can help you with your certification process.

OneMedAll also provides background training with practical CE courses that improve your team’s skills to ensure enhanced patient experience and service delivery. The billing service also leverages the latest technological systems to digitize your business systems, thus solidifying your online niche.

Medical Billing for Dentists

Medical Billing for Dentists is an outsourced dental billing service experienced in providing medical billing and insurance solutions. With a certified team of medical coders and billers, MBD works as an extension of your staff, handling everything on your behalf from the start to the time you get paid.

Medical Billing for Dentists has been in the industry for over two decades and has gathered the expertise that goes into medical software, insurance forms and policies, and medical codes. MBD understands the impact that delayed claims has on your service rendering. That’s why they’ll work with you daily to prepare your insurance billing forms and medical claims to increase your income.

GoGo Medical Billing for Dentists

A dental billing service for dentists by a dental clinic, GoGo Medical Billing, was created to provide high-quality health billing solutions that many billing companies promise but fail to deliver. Therefore, GoGo understands the pain points of lacking an effective billing and pre-authorization system.

The company works with professional medical coders and billers who first listen to clients’ needs to provide client-focused revenue cycle management services for maximum reimbursements. Now that GoGo has alleviated the frustration of handling the billing process, you can now concentrate on providing quality dental care experiences.

Dental Claim Support

Dental Billing Support has perfected the medical billing process to provide dentists with effective and hassle-free solutions that drive profits. The billing service boasts a team of professional medical accountants and coders who can help you with your HIPAA Compliance. They’ll also track your claims by keeping constant communication with medical insurers. Dental Billing Support also handles insurance payment posting and frequent dental-claims appeals to ensure you get the maximum payments.

With DBS, you’ll experience an exponential increase in profits, thanks to the attention to details and accuracy that they’ve mastered with every encounter. All your payments will reflect accurately on patients’ ledgers, and your fees will match with credit cards and EFTs.

Dynamic Dental Solutions

If you’ve lost your payments due to your inexperience with the dental billing process, Dynamic Dental Solutions Medical Billing is the right partner for you. The health billing service increases your collections by ensuring that all your medical payments are collected. It also provides dental insurance and billing support on your behalf, from insurance form submissions to medical coding.

Dynamic Dental Solutions’ billing services provide opportunities for your practice to grow. Their professional accountants and coders team will free up your time by preparing insurance claims and recording payments on ledgers. Therefore, you concentrate on ways by which you can improve your services and patient experience.

Nierman Practice Management

Nierman Practice Management is a trusted medical billing service with over three decades of rendering quality and growth-focused revenue cycle management. The company also specializes in dental sleep medicine and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMDs).

Nierman Practice Management has an extensive service portfolio comprising live and online CE courses, ongoing support, and systems management software. The company created the DentalWriter software that helps you organize and streamline your operations by preparing forms, questionnaires, and other documents within a short time. With Medical Practice’s billing services, you achieve high-profit margins while improving client experience.

OMS Partners, LLC

Experience peace of mind by leveraging OMS Partners’ superior medical billing solutions; OMS Partners works with private practices and dental clinics, helping them achieve a higher profit margin by providing goal-oriented medical billing and collection services.

Based in Houston, TX, OMS Partners boasts a crew of professionals who provide expert medical accounting and financial consultancy. You can also leverage OMS’s practice start-up and oral surgery management services. That way, you can have a hassle-free time with your credentials and support systems for oral surgical procedures.

EZ Dental Billing

Headquartered in Boston, MA, EZ Dental Billing makes your dental billing process easy and effective. The company provides balanced dental management and billing solutions that allow medical professionals to cater to their patients and bills without compromising the other.

EZ Dental Billing can help your dental clinic improve its revenue cycle management goals by offering patient billing services, denied dental claims, timely payment posting, monitoring delayed payments, insurance verifications, and improved cash flow.

Wise Dental Solutions

Wise Dental Solutions is a remote dental billing company with over 30 years in the dental industry. Working with Wise Dental Solutions offers an opportunity to focus on how to improve patient care, customer service, and overall patient experience. That’s because the company shoulders the heavy burden of handling the insurance claims and payment collection.

Based in Round Rock, TX, Wise Dental Solutions offers a comprehensive range of dental billing solutions, including electrical claims processing, preparation of bills, claims recovery, denied claims, insurance verification, and other related services.

Outsource Strategies International

Outsource Strategies International is a full-service medical billing company that works with medical and dental clinics, private doctors, and health facilities, providing them with effective and tailored medical billing solutions that suit their individual needs.

As a leading health billing service, OSI focuses on helping practitioners improve their revenue by offering quality revenue cycle management, medical coding, medical billing, and practice support. With over 15 years in the medical billing sector, OSI also helps medical practices with their insurance verifications, authorizations, dental billing, and patient scheduling.

Pristine Medical Billing

Pristine Medical Billing brings to you over 50 years of experience in the medical billing industry, providing a full-service portfolio with services related to medical billing and insurance claims. Providing client-focused solutions is one of the primary goals of PMB, and that’s why they assign each practice an account manager who’ll offer timely billing and payment reports.

The billing company also specializes in offering live communications for claims and insurance verifications, payment posting on patient ledgers, and office training solutions. Moreover, Pristine Medical Billing provides out-of-network credentialing, HIPAA compliance, cloud-based EMR systems, and patient financial coaching.

Dental Claims Cleanup

As the name suggests, Dental Claims Cleanup helps medical and dental practices to remove any shortcomings within their revenue cycle management plans to ensure they realize profits while providing quality healthcare.

Dental Claims Cleanup is a national medical billing service with over 15 years of excellence in offering unmatched training courses in medical billing, dental billing services, and dental billing management solutions for your office. With Dental Claims Cleanup working behind the scenes, your team can be readily available for live operations to enhance customer service.

Dental Accounts At Ease

Dental Accounts At Ease is a billing service that services medical and dental clinics in the United States and Canada. A full-service health billing company, Dental Accounts At Ease provides client-oriented dental billing services, balance collections, dental sleep treatments, dental claims tracking, and practice management.

The team at DAAE comprises qualified medical billers and coders who are knowledgeable in what they do. They’ll help you realize high-profit margins. The company works with its clients to analyze their productivity level, and based on their findings; they’ll tailor their billing services to satisfy your practice’s revenue and overall financial goals.

RP Dental Billing Service

RP Dental Billing Service was established with one objective: To help health providers within the United States effectively take care of their dental insurance claims and receive maximum reimbursements promptly. The company has established a positive reputation as a trusted service for denied claims and insurance verifications and authorizations.

With a team of expert health billers, RP Medical Billing Service alleviates the challenge of preparing and submitting medical insurance forms and patient balance collections. As a result, your team gets more time to cater to patients on a personal level. Your clients will also have an excellent billing experience with your practice.

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