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Dealing with billing and coding paperwork can be inconvenient for practitioners, especially since it may divert attention from their patients.

Medical billing is one of the essential but time-consuming processes that can involve a significant amount of paperwork. However, the billing process can be outsourced to experienced and reliable companies.

Keeping this in mind, we have provided some of the most reputable billing companies available in Jacksonville, Florida. Let’s get started.  

Looking for a qualified medical billing service?

By taking just 1 minute to provide some basic information about your practice, you can get up to 5 pre-screened companies competing for your business.

SonTash Medical Billing Inc

Established in 1995, SonTash is a Jacksonville-based company. However, they can provide medical billing for any medical license across the United States.

SonTash works with providers to make the billing process more manageable. Their vast experience in the medical field allows them to adapt to the constant changes in rules and regulations within the healthcare sector. 

When it comes to their medical billing work, SonTash uses experienced billers who utilize Billing Revenue Cycle Optimization to obtain the best possible results. They will optimize your operations, identify and fix revenue cycle leaks, benchmark business achievements, and manage weekly steady cash flow to increase revenue.

Staff is trained to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to identify medical claims, injury claims, and worker’s comp claims. They are also knowledgeable about relevant guidelines, such as the HMO insurance rules and regulations and the procedures for Medicaid and Medicare.

SonTash offers medical billing for the following specialties:

Postal AddressPO BOX 26975
Phone Number(904) 387-4778

Multi-Medical Specialties Billing Associates, Inc

Located in the Jacksonville suburb of Orange Park, Multi-Medical Specialities Billing Associates is a well-established business that has been around since 1977 and is known for its professionalism.

MMSBA has over 45 years of experience and a wide range of knowledge in various medical specialties. This is particularly useful when choosing a medical billing company, as you can rest assured knowing that your specialty will likely be covered. The business specializes in the use of Kareo. However, they can still connect with most electronic medical record systems.

The ever-changing nature of medicine can make it challenging for healthcare providers to stay on top of things. However, MMSBA goes the extra mile to ensure their clients aren’t left behind. The team at MMSBA stay up-to-date with research, reviewing and educating themselves on various specialties to prevent continual denials of claims.

Check out the list of specialties that Multi-Medical Specialities Billing Associates offers below:

  • Anesthesia
  • Cardiology
  • Dietitian
  • ENT
  • General Surgery
  • Hospitalist
  • Internal Medicine
  • Infectious Medicine
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Nursing Home
  • OB/GYN
  • Orthopedics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Optometry
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Primary Care/Family Practice
  • Pulmonary and Critical Care
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Pain Management
  • Speech Therapy 
  • Urgent Care
Address1532 Kingsley Ave
Suite 103
Orange Park, FL 32073
Phone Number(904) 387-4778

Medical Billing Services, Inc

Medical Billing Services is a web-based company in Jacksonville. It was established in 1994, covers the entire Florida area, and has an excellent reputation thanks to owners Joyce Donaldson and Diana Wheeler having a combined experience of 65 years. 

Accounts are followed from start to finish, until final payment is received. Follow-ups are managed efficiently via aged reports. Specialists stay with you throughout the entire process.

The services and potential outcomes of using MBS, Inc offers include the following:

  • Optimal Fee Bases
  • Management of Information
  • Maximum Collections
  • Lower Expenses for Administration 
  • On Going Follow-Ups
  • Improvement of Practitioner and Patient Relations
  • Improvement of General Office Productivity
  • Improvement of Cash Flow
Address6817 Southpoint Parkway
Suite 2001
Jacksonville, FL 32216-6299
Phone Number(888) 983-9075

Medical Claims Resources, Inc

Medical Claims Resources, Inc specializes in one medical specialty, Dermatology, making it an excellent option for dermatological medical professionals.

Its mission is to provide the most accurate and timely reimbursements possible, assist with billing or coding issues, provide world-class customer service, respect every client, and make clients’ businesses and success their #1 priority.

Along with billing, MCR also specializes in consulting and coding. The company also offers separate services, such as scheduling and staff training. These services are all-inclusive, making this a particularly unique billing company.

The company prides itself on providing world-class customer service, assisting with billing and coding, and obtaining reimbursement for customers as time and accurately as possible. 

Their inclusive service includes the following:

  • A/R Reporting
  • CAQH (Updating and New)
  • Claim Appeals
  • Claim Submission
  • Contracting
  • Client Coding Education 
  • Correct Denial Notification
  • Credentialing and Re-Credentialing 
  • Fee Schedule Negotiations
  • Handling Calls from Payers, Patients, and Your Staff
  • Patient Balance Reporting
  • Patient Collection Reporting
  • Patient Final Demand Notices
  • Payment Posting (Both Patients and Payers)
  • Refund Notifications (Both Patients and Payers)
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers

These are just a few of the benefits that you will get if you opt for MCR for your dermatology medical billing. 

Address4915 Beach Boulevard
Suite 1B
Jacksonville, FL 32207-4
Phone Number(877) 434-3985

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the most noteworthy medical billing companies that you will find in Jacksonville. We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect medical billing company!  

Looking for a qualified medical billing service?

By taking just 1 minute to provide some basic information about your practice, you can get up to 5 pre-screened companies competing for your business.

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