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Making the right choice when it comes to medical billing companies is an essential aspect of being a practitioner.

The Philadelphia medical billing companies on our list are all able to take care of all your medical billing needs, including billing insurance companies and billing remaining balances to patients. 

If you’re looking to cut your costs and bring your focus back to your patients, read on and see which medical billing companies made our list

Medical Billing Of Delaware Valley

Medical Billing of Delaware Valley has over 25 years of experience in the billing industry. 

It provides everything you need, including medical billing services, revenue cycle management, credentialing, accounts receivable follow-ups, and more. 

The biggest competitive advantage Medical Billing of Delaware Valley has over other service providers is that it provides its full billing services for a flat percentage rate. 

Its service focus can be broken down into the following categories: 

  • 55% Medical Billing
  • 25% Medical Coding 
  • 12% Collections 
  • 7% Administration

Pennsylvania Medical Billing Inc.

Based in Philadelphia and in business since 1997, Pennsylvania Medical Billing provides Accounts Receivable Management and Billing Services to both solo and group medical practices.

It covers professionals based in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware. 

Unlike Medical Billing Of Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania Medical Billing Inc.’s collections service takes the majority of their focus. 

Its overall service focus is broken down thus: 

  • 30% Collections 
  • 29% Medical Billing
  • 24% Administration
  • 18% Medical Coding


Established in 2015, Nextus’ main focus is its clients. 

The company is proactive in its approach to medical billing services, and stays up-to-date with all the latest compliance and standards in order to keep its clients informed. 

Its ethos is one of strong communication and building working relationships to help both Nextus and their clients achieve mutually beneficial goals. 

Nexus’ services can be broken down in the following way: 

  • 52% Medical Billing 
  • 19% Medical Coding 
  • 15 % Administration 
  • 14% Collections 

Klear Medical Solutions

Klear Medical Solutions was founded in 2019 as a professional billing service based in Southampton, Pennsylvania. 

Its services are highly personalized and designed to improve practitioners cash flow and operating costs. 

Because of its highly personalized approach, the service is designed to meet the needs of small group practices and individuals. 

Klear Medical Solutions offers a great array of services, including full practice management and a variety of billing solutions which can be broken down further into EFT, Digital Archiving and Remote Data Backup. 

Klear’s service focus is as follows: 

  • 50% Medical Billing 
  • 27% Collections 
  • 17% Administration 
  • 6% Medical Coding 

Advanced Medical Billing And Management

Based in Jenkintown, a suburb of Philadelphia, Advanced Medical Billing And Management has a very personal approach to its billing services.

The offices are in a boutique-like setting, which facilitates its one-on-one consultation process. 

Its team of in-house staff handles all inquiries, problems, and services, which only adds to Advanced Medical Billing And Management’s personal approach. 

Advanced Medical Billing And Management offers personalized account oversight and management along with additional consultation services. 

The breakdown of its service focus is: 

  • 35% Collections
  • 33% Administration 
  • 25% Medical Billing 
  • 7% Medical Coding

A & R Medical Consulting

A & R Medical Consulting provides services including Enrollment and Credentialing, Practice Establishment, and Medical Billing. 

Established in 2014, A & R Medical Consulting is a family-owned business that currently handles more than 30 Philadelphia-based medical practices. 

It offers a no-commitment 1-to-1 consultation with one of its billing professionals designed to give you all the information you need to make a decision. 

In terms of its service focus, it is administration heavy: 

  • 33% Administration
  • 33% Medical Coding
  • 19% Collections 
  • 14% Medical Billing 

CHB MD Billing Services

CHB MD Billing Services is a family-owned business operating in Philadelphia. 

It is a certified health billing company providing extensive medical billing services and claims-handling services to physicians. 

CHB MD Billing Services has one of the best collection rates in the industry, standing at 99.7%. 

Its service focus breakdown is: 

  • 37% Collections 
  • 33% Medical Billing 
  • 25% Administration
  • 5% Medical Coding

Revenant Healthcare 

Revenant Healthcare was founded in 2014 and provides quality medical coding, billing, and collection services, amongst a host of other essential services. 

It uses its own alphanumeric system to collate patient data, collect, and manage payments. This system also ensures that all patient data is kept confidential on their database. 

The composition of its service focus is as follows: 

  • 37% Medical Billing 
  • 34% Collections 
  • 25% Administration 
  • 5% Medical Coding

Jabz Medical Billing Service

Based out of Doylestown, PA, Jabz Medical Billing Services is an extremely proactive medical billing company. It offers medical billing and collection solutions to busy medical practitioners. 

It’s known as the “Bulldog Of Billing,” and advertises itself as a company that protects its clients interests. 

Jabz combines medical billing and collection services with one of the best competitive rates in the industry. 

It has been taking care of its clients interests and needs for more than 25 years. 

Jabz’ service focus is heaviest on medical coding, which accounts for 43% of their service focus, with the others being:

  • 25% Medical Billing 
  • 23% Collections 
  • 9% Administration


Instamed is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank. 

It is a platform designed to help streamline healthcare and payment solutions. 

Using its own cloud-based system, Instamed manages each healthcare payment transaction. This cloud-based online payment system is advertised as the complete solution for optimizing healthcare payments. 

Instamed offers no medical coding in its service focus, with a heavy administration focus instead at 37%; the rest of its services are broken down as follows: 

  • 34% Medical Billing 
  • 28% Collections 
  • 0% Medical Coding

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