Best Medical Billing Companies In San Diego

Best Medical Billing Companies In San Diego

Medical billing services in San Diego can be challenging to find, particularly if you don’t know where to start. Your practice will benefit greatly from hiring a billing service that matches your needs, allowing you to dedicate your time to your patients. 

That’s where we at Billing Simplified can help.

We have done the research and found several companies with good reputations and a wide variety of specialties.

Whether you’re a dentist, oncologist, hematologist, or another medical professional, below, we’ve provided the information you need to find a qualified medical billing service in San Diego.

Looking for a qualified medical billing service?

By taking just 1 minute to provide some basic information about your practice, you can get up to 5 pre-screened companies competing for your business.

Medical Billing Associates

Medical Billing Associates is a respectable company for practices and physicians, specializing in increasing revenue and reducing days in A/R.

They also want physicians to have more time to care for their patients instead of finalizing medical bills. Medical Billing Associates will help take the billing issue away and ensure that accurate and clean compliant claims are submitted. 

When using Medical Billing Associates, you are working with the company to find a great solution to medical bills. They pair their best billers to the accounts based on their skills and interests.

They recognize that care is the most important part of working in a physician’s office and act as the perfect solution for your physician’s needs. 

Address3456 Camino Del Rio
N, Ste 207 San Diego
CA 92108
Telephone Number(619) 794-2521

Griebel Billing

Griebel Billing has over 26 years of experience in the health billing field, especially mental health. If you are a mental health physician, counselor, or psychologist, Griebel Billing can help you set up your medical bill queries and manage billing insurance issues.

Additionally, Griebel Billing can answer and advise you on questions regarding work insurance, compensation, billing insurance, and medicare. The company also specializes in setting up calls for consultations. 

Griebel Billing will talk with you about new patient queries and existing or recurring patients.

They can also help you determine how to set up medical bills and medical employment matters properly. Griebel Billing is excellent for advice and queries about medical bills. 

Address3628 Wawona Dr, San Diego
CA 92106
Telephone Number(619) 224-6343

Absolute Solutions

Absolute Solutions has over 30 years of experience from people who know what they are talking about. The company is a full-service billing, query, and consulting company.

They also have segments of project management where they can help you with your management issues. Their company puts the physician and patient first, aiming to optimize your medical practice to the best of their ability. 

They are a results-driven company dedicated to providing doctors with the best resources to do with billing, service, and management. The key is in the name. They are an absolute solution to everything. 

Address5725 Kearny Villa Rd
Suite I, San Diego
CA 92123
Telephone Number(858) 256-0351

Medical Billing Strategies

Medical Billing Strategies takes pride in providing some of the best medical coding, billing, and practice management for single and wider medical groups. This also includes medical facilities and solo practices.

At Medical Billing Strategies, the staff is invaluable. They have over twenty years of experience as a company. 

Medical Billing Strategies blends comprehensive solutions with excellent service. The services and strategies they offer are a great asset to medical establishments, making working in the healthcare industry easier.

The company values trust and how tough it is to be a medical professional. The company has worked with various practices since starting up 25 years ago, and they strive to maintain cash flow and help everyone in the medical sector. 

Address3954 Murphy Canyon Road
Ste D202, San Diego
CA 92123
Telephone Number(858) 598-5654

Mission Medical Billing Service

Mission Medical Billing Service helps you with the issues and queries associated with healthcare and the billing process.

They have situational experience in oncology, primary care, psychiatry, psychology, social work, ambulance, neurology, and pain management. These are just a few things that they specialize in.

The company was established in 2005, and they have provided some of the best coding services in San Diego. 

Involvement in care and billing has been the main focus of their work. They can help you and other medical professionals with credentialing, billing, claims, insurance, appeals, follow-ups, and auditing.

Mission Medical Billing Service is a one-stop shop for all of your needs. 

Address8305 Vickers Street
Suite 212, San Diego
CA 92111
Telephone Number(619) 867-1980

MPB Medical Billing Service

MPB is another top medical billing service in San Diego. They serve hospitals, physicians and specialists, nursing facilities, private practices, and non-emergency transport.

They have had years of experience in the medical specialty sector and have dealt with many private practices and hospitals. 

They aim to take away the issues of medical billing, claims, and insurance. By taking away these issues from you, you can focus more on patient care, effectiveness, pragmatism, and revenue. 

Address8305 Vickers St
Ste. 210, San Diego
CA 92111
Telephone Number(858) 232-6433

Holcomb/Nelson Billing

Holcomb/Nelson Billing is an effective medical bill handler in San Diego. They have an incredible 40 years worth of medical billing work, with the right technology and resources to help medical professionals all over San Diego.

They have remained consistently dedicated to providing you with excellent and dedicated service. They have a large team of specialists, which they assign to the best-fitting company. 

They aim to provide personalized and quality services to all medical professionals, whether that is private and small or public and large.

AddressHolcomb/Nelson Billing
4501 Mission Bay Drive, 3F San Diego
CA 92109-4926
Telephone Number(858) 272-1202

San Diego Medical Billing

Finally, San Diego Medical Billing is the last great company on our list that will help physicians and practices with medical bills, insurance, and revenue management.

They can also help educate your staff to provide the best care and patient satisfaction. Their goal has consistently remained to provide professional coding, billing, and management services to all practices. 

San Diego Medical Billing does precisely what they say they do. They handle the complications of medical billing, education, insurance, and patient satisfaction. 

AddressQs2 Medical Billing & Consulting LLC
11801 North Tatum Boulevard, Phoenix
AZ 85028
Telephone Number(619) 661-6326

Looking for a qualified medical billing service?

By taking just 1 minute to provide some basic information about your practice, you can get up to 5 pre-screened companies competing for your business.

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