The 12 Best Medical Billing & Coding Companies In Houston

The medical billing and coding industry in Houston, Texas is an active one. There is a patchwork of local, state, and national laws to keep up with along with the constantly changing policies of individual insurance companies.

Medical billers who can stay on top of all that change are the ones you want handling the billing processes for your medical practice. Their attention to detail will help improve claim accuracy, reduce errors and adjustments, and ultimately improve your revenue cycle.

We scoured listings for medical billing providers in Houston, looking for ones that are committed to providing the high level of service you require from partners. At the end of the day, making sure the patient has a great experience—even with the billing front—is everyone’s responsibility.

With that said, here are the top medical billing services in the Houston area.

Capline Medical Billing

Capline Medical Billing provides high-quality billing solutions to help doctors achieve their business goals and maximum profitability. The company boasts a team of experienced account managers who understand the nitty-gritty of medical billing. Couple that with cost-effective and client-focused billing services, and you’ll get complete control of your practice’s revenue cycle.

Capline also offers actionable financial reports to help ensure you’re up-to-date with revenue collection. They rely on updated MIS devices to retrieve critical data that can help you make rational managerial decisions.

Golden Medical Solutions

Golden Medical Solutions is a leading medical billing company serving Houston practices with expert account managers who can help you streamline your revenue collection. They are experienced in medical insurance claims, ensuring you only cater to clean and genuine claims. Golden Medical Solutions is focused on offering quality billing services, and will only take a profit after you’ve also profited. Their certified billers know how to handle the complexities of medical billing to ensure you have hassle-free billing and insurance filing systems.

Progressus Revenue

Progressus Revenue was established to help practices effectively manage revenue cycles and improve management. They offer stress-free, end-to-end, full-service billing solutions for revenue and health insurance management.

Their team of certified accountants, medical billers, and coders offer in-depth financial analysis and audits to detect any errors in your billing system. Consequently, they’ll help you restructure your revenue collection plans so that you see your practice’s true potential. Progressus also offers vocational staff training and complementary medical solutions to help practices offer patient-centric medical services.

PMB Precision Medical Billing

PMB Precision Medical Billing offers end-to-end revenue-collection solutions tailored to fit your existing platform and your practice’s goals and needs. Their expert accountants can detect any inaccuracies in your billing systems, insurance filing, and practice management to offer custom-fit solutions that boost your practice’s profitability. They can also provide on-site and virtual billing services, revenue recovery audits, and emergency billing support.


As the company name suggests, SimplexMed wants to take away billing pain points to increase your practice’s revenue potential. 

Their services include a wide range of RCM and practice management solutions, including medical coding, revenue optimization, claims preparation and settlement, account receivables (AR), payment recording, actionable reports, and patient services.

Medical Billing & Consulting 911

Established in 1998, Medical Billing & Consulting offers managed RCM and medical accounting services. Their team of expert medical billers and coders will work with you to create a customized billing system designed to maximize your practice’s revenue cycle, even within your current client base.

A partnership with MBC911 means you’ll be working with industry-seasoned medical accountants who have a knack for effectively handling complex medical billing and record-keeping, from denial management, revenue optimization, to AR management and timely reports.

Gryphon Healthcare

Gryphon Healthcare provides practitioners stress-free, cost-effective, and actionable managed billing solutions that bolster revenue cycles for maximum profitability. Their professional billers can shorten the billing process to ensure your revenue is reimbursed as soon as possible. The company also provides back-end staff training, coding and compliance services, claims management, and healthcare consulting.


Transwise is reputable and their professional accountants and medical coding partners provide premier bill collection and claim settlement services to ensure you will receive maximum profits.

You’ll only have to pay them after achieving your revenue potential, too. Their main goal is to make sure payments are sent to your practice account within the shortest time possible. Transwise also offers professional medical consultancy to improve management practices for maximum patient satisfaction.

PCS Revenue Cycle Management – Houston Medical Billing

PCS Revenue Cycle Management has more than a decade of hands-on experience in the healthcare billing sector. They offer client-focused credentialing solutions to strategically position your practice in the healthcare industry to attract new clients and build lasting relationships with industry players, such as insurance companies and medical associations. The company can also  provide expert consulting to give you skills and strategies to help further boost your income flow.


MPOWERHealth is a nationally recognized company that provides medical services to help you improve your healthcare services. Through their physician network, they can connect you with professional and experienced healthcare providers with insurance companies, employers, and new patients to expand your business.

MPOWERHealth also offers tailor-made medical billing and practice management services to improve your cash flow. They have a professional crew of certified accountants and healthcare specialists who can restructure your billing system to simplify revenue reimbursement. You can depend on this company for effective marketing and credentialing, as well as.intraoperative Monitoring (IOM) services, surgical first assist, and episodic care solutions for musculoskeletal health.

Capline Dental Services

Capline Dental Services will handle your outstanding claims for increased revenue. They tout a  100% success in claims settlements, which should help give you higher profit margins while minimizing your accounting costs.Capline can also handle credentialing and patient insurance assessments, thereby alleviating your workload and effectively managing your insurance denials.

RoundTable Medical Consultants: Houston Medical Billing

RoundTable Medical Consultants, LLC., has worked with practitioners managing various medical facilities for two decades, including urgent care, ER services, and private practices. They offer healthcare providers health billing solutions and credentialing services to help expand business. They also offer HIPAA Compliance services to simplify insurance claims and denial management plans. Partner with their accredited billers, and you’ll receive timely updates on healthcare codes and regulations to help you create a solid niche and authority as a professional healthcare provider.

Enhanced Revenue Solutions

Enhanced Revenue Solutions by Infinx combines advanced AI revenue collection tools and a team of professional medical accountants and billers to provide superior medical billing solutions. They help doctors improve their payment cycles by solving inaccuracy and denial issues in their billing systems to boost your income.

ERS leverages their patented Prior Authorization Software to streamline the revenue cycle management and automatically generate workflow commands for clinics, urgent care clinics, labs, ER services, and imaging centers. With their automated solutions, you’ll spend less time on the paperwork, which leaves more time for you to focus on your patients’ health.

Right Medical Billing

The primary goals of Right Medical Billing are to reduce the claims processing times, increase daily billing volumes, and monitor billed healthcare services.

If you manage an out-of-network practice, RMB can work with freestanding ERs, private practices, and micro-healthcare facilities, to help negotiate payments with insurance companies and employers to increase their revenue.

GMA Medical Billing

GMA Medical Billing offers outsourced revenue management solutions to healthcare professionals who specialize in ambulatory services. The company has been providing ambulance billing solutions for more than two decades and offers client-centered medical billing, compliance, and coding services.

With GMA Medical Billing, you’ll get access to free AngelTrack CAD Software that automates your ambulatory services, from dispatch, facility and patient scheduling platforms, employee timetables, and fleet management. The company is also a certified CGM Medisoft Software reseller, which is a  tool that can help you manage your practice through an OCR scanner that eliminates inaccuracies, minimizes mistakes, and saves time.

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