Best Medical Billing Companies In Austin

Best Medical Billing Companies In Austin

The services of a dedicated medical billing company are necessary for every type of healthcare practice. But here in Austin, there are many options to choose from, which can make for a difficult decision.

However, we’ve done the homework on this, so you don’t have to. We know what’s important to look for in a medical billing company—accuracy, efficiency, optimization of patient care, and ultimately practice revenue.

In this article, we present our shortlist of the top medical billing companies in Austin Texas, and why we like them, together with handy contact details for each, including their website address, postal address, and phone number.

Let’s get straight to it. (The following are not listed in any particular order.)

Looking for a qualified medical billing service?

By taking just 1 minute to provide some basic information about your practice, you can get up to 5 pre-screened companies competing for your business.

The Karis Group, A Point Health Company

When this article was written, The Karis Group had the best Google ratings out of all the medical billing companies in Austin, Texas, which is quite something.

And they have some impressive stats. Since 2007 they’ve saved nearly $300 Million in medical bills for their clients, leading to a 99% satisfaction rating.

In addition to their bill negotiation service, they also offer a concierge-style healthcare navigation service, access to telemedicine visits, and second opinions.

Address9501-B Menchaca Rd #100
Austin, TX 78748
Phone Number(512) 292-9560

The Firm Services

The Firm is an organization dedicated to financial investigation and reimbursement management.

Their services include physician credentialing, medical billing, and revalidation, taking care of the billing side so that you can concentrate on patient care. 

They have a combined experience of 30 years, and their focus is on optimal insurance reimbursement. Their medical billing is efficient, and they are also very good at handling denial appeals.

Plus, they keep up to date with their knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations.

Address9050 N Capital of Texas Hwy #240
Austin, TX 78759
Phone Number(512) 243-6844

Storm Medical Billing

Storm Medical Billing focuses specifically on mental health medical billing, so if this is what your particular health practice handles, this will be the best medical billing company to go with. 

You’ll have more time to devote to managing patient care while they handle all the health insurance claims.

You can arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation, there’s no setup fee for new clients, and they even offer a 2-month discount for new clients. They offer a flat rate for claims processing and 100% transparency.

They provide personalized service and always aim to maximize reimbursements.

Address1224 Shannon Oaks Trail
Austin, TX 78746
Phone Number(512) 784-4344


Equalize RCM provides seamless collaboration so that your healthcare practice can achieve its goals and not just stabilize the practice revenues but increase them too, thanks to their expertise in revenue cycle management.

They cover not only hospitals and health clinics but also physicians, urgent care, behavioral health, and ancillary services.

In addition to business process outsourcing, they offer code and consulting services, value-based care, and software solutions.

EqualizeRCM is results orientated and offers excellent attention to detail.

Address5910 Courtyard Dr. Ste 350
Austin, TX 78731
Phone Number(888) 539-3339

Onion Creek Medical Billing, LLC

Onion Creek Medical Billing is focused on personalized medical billing services specifically for mental health providers.

They offer a client-centered approach, and they pride themselves on the sensitive handling of patient details, specializing in making the best use of your electronic health records. 

In addition to covering medical billing and credentialing, they also help fill in the gaps that other billing companies leave behind, such as clearing house set up, requesting NPIs, and updating CAQHs. 

Address10816 Crown Colony Dr #211
Austin, TX 78747
Phone Number(210) 264-1337

National Billing Partners

National Billing Partners empowers healthcare professionals to manage their patients rather than their paperwork by providing an array of different services, with particular attention to revenue cycle management strategies.

The company prides itself on efficiency, professionalism, and precision, and its website features glowing testimonials and a great case study.

Their services include consulting, billing and collections, coding and compliance, financial analysis and oversight, credentialing, and hospital and facility services. 

Address14205 N Mopac Expy Ste. 300
Austin, TX 78728
Phone Number(888) 608-7999 

Transwise, LLC

Transwise is devoted to providing affordable solutions for healthcare practices to decrease costs and improve efficiency. They pride themselves on their accuracy and reliability.

Their available services include the likes of medical transcription, EMR implementation, back office services, billing and collections, and insurance benefits verification.

Address706a W Ben White Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
Phone Number(512) 221-4436

Pivotal MD

Pivotal MD offers tailored business solutions to meet the needs of your medical practice or healthcare business.

They have the know-how for dealing with various types of insurance providers and provide dedicated teams of experienced professionals.

Their services include medical coding and billing services, claims submission and management, credentialing and contracting, and much more. They can even handle your practice website and social media platform content.

They aim to increase your practice revenue and improve practice cash flow, so you can focus on treating more patients.

Address3807 Oakmont Blvd
Austin, TX 78731
Phone Number(512) 640-9393

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Austin has a strong medical billing industry, with some businesses specializing in billing for mental health care. We’re confident that you will find the right services for your needs.

Looking for a qualified medical billing service?

By taking just 1 minute to provide some basic information about your practice, you can get up to 5 pre-screened companies competing for your business.

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